About CKWC

Established in 1987, the University of Michigan’s Cliff Keen Wrestling Club provides resources to assist our athletes as they pursue goals of international success on the World and Olympic stage. These additional resources will also aid in raising the level of our collegiate wrestlers through collaborative training and attraction of top recruits to the University of Michigan as a place to achieve both collegiate and international success. Funding directly assists our collegiate athletes with tournament fees, training camps, and travel expenses associated with outside competition. While our senior-level program provides a monthly stipend assisting each athlete with basic daily living expenses so their primary focus can remain on training and competing.

The Cliff Keen name is synonymous with wrestling. Throughout his long tenure at the University of Michigan and beyond, Coach Keen was a champion and an innovator, who helped grow and shape wrestling into the sport we recognize today. He continues to represent integrity, sportsmanship, achievement and tradition at all levels of wrestling.

Our Mission

The Cliff Keen Wrestling Club promotes, supports and strives to advance amateur wrestling at all levels. At the world-class Bahna Wrestling Center we provide elite coaching and mentoring to athletes in a challenging, positive environment with the primary goal of cultivating champion wrestlers.