Senior Level Program

The main focus of this program is to provide training, coaching, and resources to assist our athletes as they pursue goals of international success on the World and Olympic stage.  Additionally, this program will aid in raising the level of our collegiate wrestlers through collaborative training and attraction of top recruits to the University of Michigan as a place to achieve both collegiate and international success.

The Michigan Regional Training Center has recently been launched through support from the Cliff Keen Wrestling Club.  This program allows for broader participation and increased development in the international styles for wrestlers meeting specific performance criteria set by USA Wrestling, the National Governing Body for amateur wrestling in the United States.

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Senior Level
Michigan RTC

Michigan RTC Olympic Development Program

The Olympic development program is designed to fuel the Olympic Dream for wrestlers grades 9-12 who consistently train and compete Freestyle and/or Greco-Roman wrestling.

Participants will build on an existing knowledge base of advanced wrestling fundamentals by committing themselves to technical development, drilling/position sparring, and competitive live wrestling. Each wrestler will achieve a higher level of mastery of the sport through: 1) exposure to techniques and training that are currently used at the elite levels of collegiate and international wrestling; 2) practices that are focused and challenging; and 3) immersion in an environment that will increase physical capabilities, competitive limitations and mental toughness. These organized training sessions are focused on Freestyle wrestling technique, strategies, and tactics to prepare wrestlers for success at the numerous state, regional, national, and international competitions at the Cadet and Junior levels.

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